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Our Purpose

Our goal is to support those looking for security for not just themselves, but family as well as employees.

With our knowledge of these products; drive for our clients to understand what type of services they are enrolling in, and the compassion for helping others, are some of the reasons why we do what we do. 


Life Insurance

Whole Life insurance is meant to provide coverage over a person's whole life.  This type of insurance is at a fixed payment amount at payment intervals that can be monthly, quarterly or yearly.  Employers who provide whole life insurance can also pay based on pay-periods.

Term Life insurance is designed to pay for additional insurance during a "term" of one's life.  For example, a couple may choose to buy a term life insurance policy to provide additional funds for a new home purchase(mortgage protection).  Someone may choose to purchase a 20-year term policy when a child is born, to provide additional income for the child in case a parent passes away. Many term and whole life products carry riders that can further safeguard your future.


HMA, or Health Matching Account, can help you save for now and for later in regards to health savings.  Like an FSA, this account will allow you to spend on health and medical items over the counter as well as at a provider's office.

Like an HSA, this account will accumulate year-over year, with no loss of money invested.

Health Insurance

The bedrock of employer based benefits, health insurance can provide the necessary tools to keep your employees healthy, reducing days off due to illness.

Supplemental Benefits

Supplemental benefits do exactly that: supplement the base insurance. Dental, Short-term disability, hospital indemnity and accident plans that can be customized to suit your needs.

Retirement Plans



Retirement Savings Plans

Employer Group Benefits

Individuals & Families

We have traditional and non traditional plans for individual and family coverage.  If you are looking for health coverage, it is better to send us your information, we can provide a quote and return to you.  As brokers, we have Marketplace and non-marketplace plans to suit your needs

Health Plans

ACA Marketplace; HealthShares; Limited Medical Plans; Short Term Medical Plans

Other Plans

Dental; Accident; Hospital Indemnity; Deductible Coverage; Life Insurance; Mortgage Protection

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